Question by  ABracken (16)

What are the requirements for a wiring receptacle for an electric range?

I need to meet code.


Answer by  reb951 (28)

Stripping the sheathing off. Strip conductor insulation. Unscrew the screws on the terminal connections. Insert the stripped wires into the terminal slots and tighten the screw. The black wire connects to the left,the red wire connects to the right, and the silver terminal to the ground connection.


Answer by  Addy (162)

According to a 1996 National Electrical code amendment, all electric ranges, and electric dryers, for that matter, must be wired with a four prong outlet, and following that, a four prong receptacle. A four prong receptacle includes a separate prong for the ground wire.


Answer by  wheatkernal (8)

An electric range needs a seperate dedicated 240-volt circuit for the receptacle. You will need a 50 amp circuit breaker and use 6AWG wire to meet the code requirements.


Answer by  JD (129)

Electric ranges generally need a 220v receptacle. This receptical needs its own breaker in your breaker box. Home Depot or Lowes will cary the breaker, wire and outlet. Some municipalities requrire a licensed electrician to complete electrical work. You made need to hire a licensed electrician to complete this project.


Answer by  Kevin41 (16)

What city, county, or state codes must I follow when considering wiring a receptacle for an electric range? Is there a difference between 3-wire and 4-wire?

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