Question by  davidg (23)

Would you recommend a Maytag Gemini electric range?


Answer by  LadyBee (6)

The Maytag Gemini Ranges are a wonderful modern appliances. Anyone who enjoys cooking will love them. You can cook two different oven dishes at the same time. Anyone knows what a plus this feature is when cooking for large groups of family on Holidays. Also, they are, self cleaning ovens.


Answer by  habeebrahman (23)

This range offers a dual oven, glass flat-top with four cooking elements and a warming center, that is certainly very handy particularly when getting dinner prepared. The Maytag Gemini electric range series have constantly been extremely competitive not only in comparison to other companies, but also within the brand itself.


Answer by  Cassandradalla (228)

Yes, Maytag is a well established and generally highly respected brand name. It is important to check available warranties and product specifications to be sure the model fits your needs.


Answer by  stinkymess (310)

Good house keeping has determined that all Maytag appliances are very good. Therefore I would recommend all of their products for home use. Maytag makes a lot of things including washers,dryers, ovens and ranges.

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