Question by  David (14)

What are the pros and cons of high lift hair color vs. bleach?

I want blonde hair.


Answer by  worker4010 (33)

The pro is you will have the hair color you finally want. Bleach is terrible for hair, and dying it is not a lot better. For either one, you will need to constantly use conditioner as dying it will make it brittle. And no matter what you do, your roots will always be your original hair color.


Answer by  victoire (161)

The process of high lift hair color will give you great results without damaging hair the way that bleach will. Bleaching your hair will weaken the cuticles of your hair causing it to break easily.


Answer by  ashleydoll (93)

Lifting the color is somewhat less damaging on hair than bleach, and offers more control as to the exact shade. However, using bleach gives you the beachy-blonde look much quicker--with lift you have to do several applications to get the "paleness" of blonde desired. I recommend waiting 2 weeks between bleachings so your hair doesn't fall out.


Answer by  Mallory (155)

High lift displaces pigment on virgin hair only, and deposits a dye in it's place. Bleach removes natural and artificial dyes, but leaves no color in its place.


Answer by  muppettgoddess (28)

Base your decision on how dark your hair is to start and how light you want to go. Bleach would work better if your hair is dark, and you want to go very light. Hair color is much less damaging, and would work to go from light brown to blonde.


Answer by  Anonymous

Pro- Hi Lift is a 1 step process (no need to bleach and tone) Con-Doesn't remove all pigment and pulls gold


Answer by  nina (17)

Color, doesn't lift as far,less damaging,leaves a definate regrowth line. Bleach,lifts to high blonde in single appclation,more damaging,can be softened with toners.


Answer by  Anonymous

Both are very damaging to your hair but bleach will fry your hair. If you want a nice light natural color hi lift color will do the trick but if you want the white blonde look your best bet is bleach. so hi lift is safer.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have been in proccess of going from dark brown to blonde and I had to bleach it several times before actually dying my hair with a high lift cool blonde, i recommend using TIGI Dumbe Blonde and also using argon oil in between processing your hair

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