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Question by  SarahH10 (13)

How can I go from bleached blond to a natural black?

I know I looked better with my natural hair color.


Answer by  Anonymous

You need to use a red rinse over the blonde before you go dark or your hair will have a green tinge. Trust me. Do not go from blonde to black.


Answer by  salamander (408)

I would say die it to a color that best matches your natural and then let it grow out, this way you wont have funky looking hair for months.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

Well, if are naturally a blond, you can't be a "natural black. " You can dye your hair and turn it artifical black though.


Answer by  butchbri (33)

I dyed my hair blonde once for a Halloween costume. I dyed it back to black and just let my hair grow back and then cutting it as usual.


Answer by  Kayla79 (17)

It's always easier to dye your hair darker than it is lighter. Go to the store and buy whichever shade of black you prefer. I recommend Loreal since they were a professional product. Do not leave dye on long because it can turn so black it will look blue


Answer by  Pandora (6)

Buy a good quality conditioning color. Follow the manufactorer's direction's on the box and have a trim after, your ends will absorb more color than the rest.

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