Question by  carly01 (33)

What is the purpose of a return vent in an AC unit?

I need to understand why I have to have return vents in my ac?


Answer by  mako (289)

In order for an air conditioner to be most efficient, the unit must circulate air within a building. Therefore, air conditioners operate in a closed environment. A return vent takes in indoor air to the heating or cooling coils, and that air is returned to the living space. A return vent also filters the air to remove pollutants.


Answer by  jijo67 (112)

A return vent is used in HVAC system for returning cold air to furnace.It is used in heating purposes of rooms. It is also called air return vent or register. It is also used to provide necessary air circulation in the room. It reduces the build up of pressure inside the room and reduces moisture.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

An air conditioner removes heat from the room by recycling it through the evaporator coil. If the air in the room doesn't come in contact with the evaporator coil in an efficient manner, then it will not be cooled in an efficient manner. Rooms without returns are usally very uncomfortable.

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