Question by  khushe (14)

Are there any advantages of turbine air vents vs. ridge vents?


Answer by  mac83 (14)

The chief advantage of a turbine air vent over a ridge vent is in the ease of installation, a ridge vent will require a professional installer. The turbine air vents are made so that rain cannot easily enter the roof area making the installation of it a project for a do it yourselfer.


Answer by  sharon63 (520)

Yes, turbine air vents pull the hot air out of your attic, where as ridge vents just rely on the air pressure to push the hot air out. Turbine air vents are also easier to install.


Answer by  baggs73 (67)

turbine air vents will cover a greater square footage compared to ridge vents if your attic gets really hot then you should go with turbine air vents to help

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