Question by  prabhu (17)

What are the origins of the Swiss guards?

I need the history of the Swiss guards.


Answer by  Jeremy24 (14)

The Swiss guards began as mercenaries hired by Pope Julius II in the year 1506, as immigrants from the overpopulated Swiss Alps. Also called Helvetians the Swiss Guards originially numbered about 15,000 men who would emigrate from the Swiss Alps each summer to do battle for their bounties, which they would then use to survive the coming winter.


Answer by  rhistory (224)

The earliest record of the Swiss guard is found in France in the mid 1400s. Their job was to protect the King of France while he was indoors. The next group called the Swiss Guard were the bodyguards of Louis XIII of France. There primary role was bodyguard but they could also patrol the estate and household of the king.

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