Question by  Morgan39 (27)

How can I become a better point guard?

I really want to excel in basketball and being a point guard.


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

In order to become a better point guard, you should take a basketball with you everywhere you go. You should also dribble frequently and practice passing. The best point guards know how to distribute the basketball rather than score all the team's points. Essentially, being unselfish will lead to success.


Answer by  3edad (219)

Remember that point guards are the quarterback of a basketball team. You need to take charge on the floor and look for opportunites that will allow your team to score. Sometimes that means you get the ball to someone else who is open and can score, sometimes you are the scorer.


Answer by  LCA1553 (176)

The keys to point guard are ball control, fast and accurate passes, and a strong shooting touch. First, become an expert dribbler, being able to dribble with both hands without looking at the ball. Next, learn all of the plays so that you can properly lead your teammates with direct, accurate passes. Lastly, practice your shooting including free throws.


Answer by  cb81 (613)

To become a better point guard, the first thing you need to understand is that your position is the most important on the floor. You have to lead the team, and you need to be vocal. You need to listen to your coach and memorize the plays. You need to find your teammates for open shots and pass accurately.


Answer by  kilua (86)

Practice daily. Work on the Fundamentals, Read and Study New Point Guard Tips Everyday, Ask a Veteran Point Guard,Be a Team Player,Work on Your 1-on-1 Game


Answer by  bballstar23 (6)

Dribbling, and ball control is absolutely key. Proper fundamental passing is also necessary, and expected from an elite Point Guard. Point Guards are commonly known as the team leader on the court. He dictates the tempo of the offense, and a great Point Guard will always find ways to get his entire team involved in the offense.


Answer by  Mario31 (136)

The point guard is usually the best dribbler, passer, and quickest (this doesn't necessarily mean fastest) player on the court. Work on dribbling (using one ball, two balls, eyes closed), passing (bounce pass, chest pass), and lateral quickness for defending other point guards.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Practise your dribbling, passing and shooting, as these three skills are essential in becoming a great point guard in basketball.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

You should practice passing and dribbling drills in your free time.Even more than shooting a good point gaurd makes every team mate better.


Answer by  ShayanFCB (366)

As with anything that you want to excel in, it is all about practice, practice, and even more practice. There are lots of good drills for you to do. One of the best ones is just two on threes, which will train you to succeed even with one man disadvantages

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