Question by  kayb (11)

Is a Doberman a good guard dog?

I need to get a guard dog.


Answer by  cb31 (226)

Doberman's typically make excellent guard dogs. They are very loyal and protective by nature. They are also known for exceptional intelligence which makes them very easy to train. Additionally, they have a reputation for being strong which serves as a good deterrent.


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

Dobermans are outstanding watchdogs, and not only because they have the reputation. This was bred into them way back when that now it is an accute characteristic of th breed.


Answer by  flowermom (88)

A Doberman is an excellent guard dog. Honestly, any dog that barks is a fine guard dog. Larger dogs are usually considered better since they have the 'scare factor' that smaller dogs may not.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Most any dog can be a guard if trained properly. A guard dog is different from a watch dog as they carry it one step furthur. The guard dog is trained to restrain the intruder and to attack upon the instructions of the owner. Small dogs can make just as good a guard dog as a large one.


Answer by  chivas (22)

Doberman is a great guard dog. They have a good alertness and will attack anything that they consider a threat to their family or home.

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