Question by  theid28 (15)

What are the different coast guard fireman rankings?

I am going in the coast guard as a fireman and would like to learn more about the rankings.


Answer by  ross1976 (196)

I've been to a Coast Guard Unit with firefighters. They had some full time paid staff and a few volunteers. Most of them appeared to be called Engineers. There were a couple of station Captain. Their Fire Chief was a very jolly guy!

Reply by icyblue (236):
I've heard that some of the units have a Deputy or Assistant Chief who takes charge when the Chief is on leave.  add a comment

Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Firefighters in the Coast Guard are Civilian GS-081 series Firefighters. They are actually a part of the Department of Transportation and not the Departmentt of Defense.


Answer by  busyfingers (239)

You start off as a Fireman Recruit. Then it's a Fireman Apprentice After this it's a Fireman. I am basing this on enlisted rank insignia that I have seen on the coast guard. I have no idea what these ranks mean!


Answer by  shane35 (33)

The rank structure would be set the same for all jobs in the coast gaurd. If you have a certain numbers of collage credits you may be able to become an officer. I would check with a recruiter.

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