Question by  rot (91)

What are the most popular good luck charms?

I want to get them all because I need some luck.


Answer by  Martinex8 (80)

Many people are partial to a rabbit's foot, a lucky penny, a horseshoe, a shamrock or four-leafed clover, an amulet or a poker chip. Some people grow bamboo in their homes for luck. Another good bet to carry with you is anything of personal significance, perhaps a gift from someone you love.


Answer by  megha76 (55)

Nautical staris a good luck symbol.The number seven is a lucky number. Falling Star or a shooting star is lucky and after seeing it if you make a wish it will be granted. If we take Lucky Penny lying on the ground with heads up, it is considered good luck.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

A rabbit's foot is pretty universal for good luck. Also, a horseshoe, with the open ends always pointing up, not down, and nailed over the front door is supposed to let good luck in. A four leaf clover is well known as good luck. Depending on where you live, in Asia, for instance, crickets are considered good luck.


Answer by  greenlady (160)

One of the most popular good luck charms is the horse shoe place it above your doorway but make sure its upright. An acorn will bring you luck as well.

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