Question by  malone (4817)

Besides a soldering iron, what exactly do I need to solder sterling silver jump rings on a charm bracelet?

The going rate around here is $5 per charm. I'd like to try to do it myself.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

Besides the soldering iron or a small high temperature torch you will need strips of soldering silver to weld the separate pieces of silver you plan joining, tweezers for manipulating, and flux paste which cleans surfaces while it heats up applied to joints with the sliver solder strips before heating which will fuse the silver pieces like a weld.


Answer by  Craftmom (23)

Soldered charms out of common finds are really trendy right now. You will need the iron, a coil of metal solder (which will be melted), soldering tape (which will be wrapped around the item to be soldered), and soldering wax (which has purposes in conductivity). There are many inexpensive kits avaiable with all materials and instructions.


Answer by  Kaybaby (41)

You can do it yourself and have a grand time as well. You will need claps to complete your charm bracelet. You place your rings on the charm bracelet and clap the rings onto the bracelet. Of course you can add all sorts of other cool gems to jazz up your charm bracelet.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

You should also get a solder cleaner, to remove excess solder, a pad of steel wool can help. A range of pliers to manipulate the metal, cutting cream or other abrasive to clean the metal and perhaps a clamp or clip on an arm to hold the project still.

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