Question by  brittany34 (26)

What are the major league baseball rules about the inactive list of players?


Answer by  baseballfan (64)

Standard MLB Rosters are comprised of a 25-man active roster, and up to 15 extra players that are on what is known as the 40-Man Roster. Inactive players on the 40-Man Roster can either be players in the minor leagues or those on the 15-day disabled list.


Answer by  sellingsimply (24)

Inactive players can be placed on the 15-day disabled list may be moved to the 60-day list at any time, retroactively for a max of 10 inactive days and may remain on either list for as long as required to recover.


Answer by  JSchro (19)

Any player with which a baseball club is contractually obligated to, but for a variety of well defined reasons is unable to play, is considered inactive.

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