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Question by  baby75 (126)

What are the limits for protein in urine?

I need to know what is expected for protein in urine.


Answer by  Rizu (141)

Urine protein is a mixture of plasma proteins and renal tubular proteins. Urine protein can be measured by a protein urine test which measures the amount of proteins, such as albumin in a urine sample. A blood test also help to measure the level of albumin.


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

Some protein in the urine is not a problem and should be expected. Once the level rises over 10mg/dl, however, difficulties can arise. The most serious issue could be liver disease. Another issue with high protein content in the urine is the onset of kidney failure. If you have high levels, you need to see a specialist.


Answer by  alicekay (54)

The normal range for protein in urine is 0-10mg/dl. Anything above this value is considered abnormal. Greater protein levels occur under normal conditions like pregnancy, during exercise or when exposed to either high or low temperatures. But it could be indicative of other conditions like liver cirrhosis and conditions associated with kidney failure or cardiac malfunctioning.


Answer by  dvogele (121)

Protein in urine can indicate issues with your kidneys. Kidneys filter out protein from the urine, so excess protein in your urine could indicate kidney disease. Seeking a specialist ASAP.

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