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Question by  Kauakea (77)

Is a 90% protein diet safe?

My friend is going to eat 90% protein and I want her to be safe.


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

I wouldn't say so, not over any period of time at least. It can be bad for your kidneys. If she is trying to lose weight she should really eat fibre too as that will pass through taking fats with it.


Answer by  firefighter38310 (430)

no. there always has to be a balance. proteins are building blocks but carbrohydrates are needed for energy. also protein is constipating without fiber included. i am not endorsing but i use protein products by Nitro-Tech. the suppliments are not replacements for a balanced diet. i simply need more than balance


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

It is a great way to lose weight by lowering your carbs, but there are some side effects that can happen. If it is not lean protein your cholesteral levels can rise. Also, a high protein diet can lead some people to get gout attacks and even kindney stones. It is best to have a well rounded diet.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

This is STRONGLY discouraged! Most nutritionist will suggest a 60 percent protein at the higest, with 20 percent healthy fats and 20 percent healthy carbs. Lack of carbs can cause damage to short and long term memory. Lack of fats can cause metabolism and chemicals to be unbalanced.


Answer by  Packers123 (80)

A 90% diet in protein in not safe. A body needs fruits, vegetables and dairy to function properly. A diet high in protein is good for someone who exercises but it should not be the only type of vitamin intake.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

The key to healthy eating is a low-fat, balanced diet, that includes whole grains, lean meats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. An excessive amount of protein is not a good choice.


Answer by  prema (14)

my friend is going to eat 90% protein and i want her 100/. to be safe i want to some fruits and some iyearnig food and some vitamin tablet some vegetable food and protein iran tablets and ghee honey green leaves dry fruits dhall and many fruits and good health

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