Question by  Cats (28)

Is it safe to give dogs bodybuilding protein shakes?

My dog loves my protein shakes.


Answer by  Sabinzi (139)

This is probably not the best thing for your dog. Puppies need food high in protein to build muscle and stamina. Older dogs do not need a lot of protein.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

Animals tend to love weird things. I don't think a lick of your shake here or there is a big deal, but I wouldn't make it a habit.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

No, that's not a good idea for several reasons. The main one being that your protein shakes contain nutrients that your dog not only doesn't need, but may not be able to properly metabolize. This could cause adverse effects to his/her health in the long or short term.


Answer by  h (364)

It is not safe to feed bodybuilding protein shakes to dogs. These shakes are developed for the human body and not for the internal organs, intestines, or the overall body of animals. If you dog needs more protein in its diet, consult your vet for the best way to increase protein in a safe manner.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

It's not good to give a dog products not intended for them, even if they like them! A protein shake probably is too "rich", too high in protein for most dogs, and this is not good. Stick with foods formulated for dogs, and your dog will be better off.


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

Some dogs have digestive problems with soy. All dogs are poisoned by chocolate. Read the ingredients list to see what is in the shake. Ask your vet or research online to see if the ingredients are dangerous to your dog. Remember that dogs are better off eating dog food. Limit consumption of any human food to small treat amounts.

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