Question by  wolfcam11 (25)

What are the layers of the earth's atmosphere?

I can only think of one.


Answer by  shiny807 (99)

The earth's atmosphere is divided into five layers.. They are troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere... The troposphere is the first layer in the surface and it contains half of the earth's atmosphere. stratosphere is very stable. Meters of rock fragments burn up in the mesosphere. The thermosphere is the layer with auroras. Exosphere is the upper limit of atmosphere.


Answer by  hamsa (133)

Earth's atmosphere has five layers: 1. Troposphere: Extends to about 11kms, contains most of the water-vapor. 2. Stratosphere: Extends to about 50 kilometers and also known as Ozone layer. 3. Mesosphere: Extends to about 80 kilometers and air is thin and cold. 4. Thermosphere: Extends to a height of 110 kilometers. 5. Exosphere: Extends to a height of 500 kilometers.


Answer by  anandhi (12)

stratosphere which is the second layer of the earth's atmosphere. it is layer were we can see ozone layer which protects our earth from harmful rays.


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

The Earth has a complicated atmosphere for a planet in our solar system. There are five main layers to the Earth's atmosphere. They are, in descending order: Troposphere, stratosphere, mesophere, thermosphere, and exosphere.


Answer by  jack36 (71)

Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Exosphere, Ionosphere, Troposphere these are the five layers of the earth's atmosphere. These layers forms and protect us from various diseases.

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