Question by  deana (28)

How was earth created?

I'm studying the creation of the earth.


Answer by  JediDrumer (90)

Unfortunately, Earth's origin is highly debated and scientifically unknown. There are two main sides to the debate; Creationism vs. Evolution. Creationism is popular among religious believers and is supported by the Holy Bible and other ancient texts. Evolution is mostly based on the "Big Bang Theory" in which two small particles collided and from the explosion came the Earth.


Answer by  Alexios (161)

The scientific explanation for the creation of the earth is that it accreted from the primordial solar dust cloud. It did this by the force of gravity, which attracted dust particles together, where they melted under the high pressure into the molten ball that would cool into the earth.


Answer by  Anonymous

The Earth was created 4. 5 billion years ago from the accretion of solar dust during the solar system formation. As the Earth grew, heavier elements sank into the Earth to form the core and the lighter elements resulted in the eventual formation of the crust.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

After the Big Bang, elements formed and eventually congregated into chunks of material. These were impacted or attracted to each other and compressed into planets.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

According to the Bible, God created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then rested on the seventh.


Answer by  Cransus (130)

One theory says that the Hadeon Nebula suffered a gravitational collapse, from it a large disc of matter formed, accreting and separating into the sun and planets of our system.

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