Question by  clever6242 (29)

How do you move layers in photoshop with your mouse?

I need to move layers in photoshop with my mouse.


Answer by  shantri (142)

Moving layer in photoshop is as simple as click and drag. Point and hold press the left button of mouse and drop the layer to your desired position.


Answer by  santhoshcomputer (41)

In the picture you have one or more than one layer , if you want to move the layer just click the selection tool using mouse and then right click the mouse and then move the layers where you want.


Answer by  chris8925 (65)

First start a new Photoshop document,and add an image to your document. And then select the move tool from the Photoshop toolbox. Click on an object with your mouse and drag it. Release your mouse button when your object is in the location you want. And then use the alignment of layers options in the move tool option bar.


Answer by  Jack56 (408)

Go into the Tool Box and select the Move Tool option. Locate the desired, highlighted layers that are bordered by dotted lines and drag them with the mouse. This can also be done with the tab key.


Answer by  naenae36 (13)

when you have two layers if you have more than tow layers and you want to move them up you press ctrl and click the ones you want to move then u just drag them up to the area you want them at if you only have two layers just click it and drag it above the other layer.


Answer by  judeson (14)

click in the desired layer and select the layer. Then simply drag the layer with the mouse by clicking and holding the right mouse button.

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