Question by  willard (874)

What is a popular layered hair cut?

My hair does better with layers.


Answer by  Inge (484)

Layers should start longer near the base of the hairline. They should gradually get shorter near the top of the head. If only fullness is desired on long hair,hair should be layered only from the shoulder down. Layering or whisping can be done on the sides of face for shorter hair to frame face.


Answer by  mtacosta (82)

Yes, my hair also does better with layers though I have to keep it straight. The first layered haircut I've known is Jennifer Aniston's layered hairstyle in her mtv sitcom Friends. It's known as the Rachel style hair. Also, Meg Ryan's messy layered hairstyle. It's a short haircut but it's very nice and elegant to look at.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

One of the most popular layered haircuts of all time is "The Rachel". This layered hairstyle was created by Jennifer Aniston when she was on the television show Friends. Her character's name was Rachel and when she got this cut, everyone went crazy for it. To this day, it is still very popular.


Answer by  cosmo (204)

All layered hair cuts are popular right now. Layers help to remove weight from you hair. If your style looks heavy in some spots, layers are the answer. A popular layered look can be achieved by getting a long layer that frames the face and gives a little bounce.

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