Question by  jlaird (190)

Is it "Earth" or "earth" or "the Earth" or "the earth"?

I always get confused if you should capitalize Earth and whether you should precede it with a "the" -- anyone know?


Answer by  ndavis5 (7)

Earth is always capitalized. But there is no need to put "the" before it. Think of Earth like a state. Would you ever say, "I'm going to the Texas."? No. If you don't beleive me, you can fo to a search engine and type in Earth, it will always be capitalized.


Answer by  Young55 (70)

It depends on what you are referring to: "Earth" and "the Earth" refer to the planet itself. Usage is generally interchangeable, as (the) Earth is a singular entity. "earth" refers to the ground (especially soil), which (the) Earth is made of; "the earth" refers to a specific type/amount/etc. of ground.

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