Question by  bill56 (15)

What are the emission control rules for a 1988 GMC 1500?

I live in California.


Answer by  JerryC (31)

In California, the emission laws are very particular. The only way to be 100 percent legal is to keep your vehicle unmodified. If you do modify it, find out from the manufacturer if the part is C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources board) legal. You should have no problems if it is.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You are going to need to have an Air Induction System per executive order D-392-24. You will also need to make sure you don't have an engine light on or it will fail the test that you will take for the emiision control. I reccomend taking it there and they will tell you if you pass or fail.

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