Question by  tawillers (22)

What are some common problems with GMC ball joint's?

I am having issues with my GMC ball joint but can not narrow it down to what is causing the problem.


Answer by  worker9173 (22)

The list of frequently encountered complications in relation to GMC ball joints includes reduced tire life, worn out suspension bushings, and a severely damaged steering rack. If the owner chooses to ignore the faulty ball joints, the ease in which their vehicle maneuvers and handles will drastically decrease due to unwanted wheel motion.


Answer by  SreejithAntony (5)

A loose, worn ball joint can cause significant handling problems Are my warped rotors causing the bearing to wear? well the ball joint does have some play in it


Answer by  japratt (1687)

GMC ball joints tend to wear out somewhat quickly. If I were you I would have them replaced an every few years.

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