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Question by  7daykatie (27)

What advice can you give me on the process of removing a GMC 2500 brake booster?

I need to remove the brake booster from my GMC and have no idea where to begin.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If it is an older vehicle it shouldn't be too hard. Just drain and remove the brake lines. The simply unbolt the reservoir then unbolt the booster from the firewall.


Answer by  Eram (18)

First of all you have to disconnect the battery from the car. After that, have to release the steering wheel lock and rotate it freely. And then remove the center top cover the center bolt.


Answer by  TMATM (499)

Unbolt the brake master cylinder from the booster. You shouldn't need to drain the fluid to do this. If its a hydro-booster, disconnect the lines that lead down to the power steering pump. Next, unbolt the booster from the firewall and disconnect the rod connecting it to the brake pedal.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

Follow these steps. Turn off engine. Find and identify the brake booster. Remove the brake fluid. And start the removal by using simple tools that fit the bolts and nuts. However, it is not advisable to remove the brake booster at all.

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