Question by  cesarin (41)

What are the effects of drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics?

I thought that the alcohol made the antibiotics less effective, but my doctor didn't tell me not to drink.


Answer by  whitershadeofpale (25)

I remember being told that alcohol will make the antibiotics weaker, but recently I was taking antibiotics and I asked the doc about it specifically. He said it was fine to take them together and there shouldn't be any risks or side effects.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

It varies depending on the antibiotics you are taking. Alcohol can diminish the results of the antibiotic, can cause a bad reaction to the mixture and result in getting sick


Answer by  anil (62)

Alcohol will reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics. The side effects will be stomach upset, dizziness, and drowsiness etc. Side effects may also increase.


Answer by  jojogeorge (53)

Drinking alcohol is one of the most dangerous threat to your body as it can destroy your liver. Antibiotics are very effective as their results are sudden and of high dosage. So consuming alcohol during this time will cause severe reactions with antibiotics inside the body and can pose heavy threat may be even to death.

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