Question by  musicmojo (47)

What are the best infant books?

Are Doctor Spock's books still applicable?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Dr. Benjamine Spock's book is still around and popular. He died in 1998. Dr. Barry Sears is a well-respected pediatrician who has written several practical, common sense books about babies and child-rearing. Given the popularity of Spock's book, more and more experts have issued titles. Visit the bookstore to browse.


Answer by  chucklingfinger (56)

The best infant books should be those written by authorities in the field of psychology, specifically the books dealing with their growth and development. I like those written by Jean Piaget, the mathematician , biologist, scientist, philosopher rolled into one. He experimented with his own babies and kept copious notes on his observations. These experiments have been replicated everywhere today.

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