Question by  nykclifton (37)

Where can I find a list of book club questions for the book The Help?

I am hosting book club at my house this month and need questions to ask regarding the book The Help.


Answer by  daveandrews (383)

What did you think the main themes of the book were?, What was it that drove Hilly to be cruel to Aibileen? Are we shaped by the times we live in and the world around use more than we may think? is this positive or negative? Are there still racial objections to marrige?


Answer by  echomyst (48)

You can find a list of book club questions for The Help by typing in the following keyword strings into your favourite online search engine: "the help book club questions", "the help questions", or "the help book discussion questions". Alternatively, you can visit your local public library and ask your librarian to give you a list.


Answer by  Bud (6)

A good source of questions can be found at the section of Bestsellers on All the participants must have read the book because the questions reveal important details that happened.


Answer by  Ashley38 (119)

Here are question ideas: Which character do you identify with most and why? How can Hilly be a good mother but an unpleasant person? Is the bad behavior justified?


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

If you go to the publisher's website there should be a guide there, or if you do a search for the Help on the bestsellers section of

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