Question by  cyc (16)

What are the advantages of a smooth top vs. coil top stove?

I am trying to decide which one to get.


Answer by  roadrunner (39)

There are advantages of a smooth top stove vs. a coil one. The biggest advantage I found is in the cleaning. With a smooth top you just wipe it down, with the coil stove things drop down in the burner and you have to take it apart to clean it.


Answer by  MommyPW (164)

IMO a smooth top is both easier to clean do to the fact that you can just use a sponge to wipe up the mess. Also the smooth top seems to have more even heating on the pots and pants due to the fact that its easier to have more of the pot/pan touching the top.


Answer by  Eric38 (22)

One major advantage will be that a smooth top stove provides easier cleaning than a coil top stove. Also, a smooth top stove does have removable heating elements compared to a coil top which means lesser removable parts that can become broken during clean up.


Answer by  CLF (10)

A smooth top stove heats more evenly. It is also easier to clean. Without drip pans and coils it is a simple matter of wiping down the stove top after regular cooking. And a kitchen disaster with burnt on food only takes a little cleaner to get it all done.


Answer by  THELMA (72)

Smooth top, I love, love , love it. You boil stuff over it is easier to clean up and wipe up spills. If you spill on the coil stove, you have to remove the coils and clean up underneath, clean the coils and put coils back on. Smooth top is lots better. easier to keep clean.


Answer by  Buddy36 (13)

A smooth top is much easier to clean than a coil top stove, you can wipe it straight over with no rough surfaces


Answer by  Znufoc01 (227)

Smooth top has a more even heat distribution: it heats up whatever is on it evenly. Either works perfectly fine however and the most important difference is electric versus gas.


Answer by  cherylb (125)

I purchased a smooth top stove last year and I am not disappointed. It always looks clean and sparkling. Granted it takes upkeep to maintain this look, but it beats those drip paqns that always look dull and dirty. I love my stove now!


Answer by  Jim88 (103)

Smooth tops are easier to clean, especially if you use Bar Keeper's Friend. If you like to can, coil top is the better way to go.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Other than looks, the smooth top stove is much easier to clean, maintains heat longer when shut off without continuing to cook, and is faster to warm up.

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