Question by  Kristina21 (78)

Are GE glass top stoves a good purchase?

I am looking for a good glass top stove.


Answer by  hoffmanfam (51)

The GE glass top stoves is a great purchase because and you can use bigger pans on them wihtout the edge of the stove getting in the way.


Answer by  whutt316 (68)

In my opinion, yes GE is a great glass top stove. I have one. I have had it for 5 years now with no issues and it cleans up nicely. GE is a great and trusted brand too.


Answer by  JBrony (39)

Yes they are. Glass top stoves are easy to clean, provide reliable heat conduction, and allow for heavy pots to be moved safely from one heating element to another. GE is a great brand.


Answer by  debiup (25)

I love mine. No drip pans or burners to mess with. I use low abrasive liquid cleanser to clean and window cleaner to shine. After 5 years it still looks like new!!


Answer by  jai72 (16)

GE or any name brand glass top stoves are a good purchase because all glass top stoves consume an insane amount of electricity.


Answer by  kfrierson2486 (15)

I personally believe that GE glass top stoves are a good purchase because if there is a spill problem clean-up is very quick and easy. I would prefer a GE glass top stove because of the design.


Answer by  MelD (5)

GE glass top stoves are a good purchase because they provide even heating and are simple to use and easy to clean. They are very safe stoves for families with children

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