Question by  pugutopia (1)

Will insurance comprehensive coverage take care of convertible top repair if it was eaten by a wild goat?

Will insurance Comprehensive coverage take care of convertible top repair? It was eaten by a wild goat?


Answer by  Sdkoh (34)

Most comprehensive policies will cover the unusual problem you describe. Comprehensive coverage generally pays for any mishaps your vehicle encounters, including those involving animals. For example, most comprehensive policies cover damages resulting from deer strikes and free-range cattle charges


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

The insurance will not cover the repairs only if it is included in the cover when you took the policy out.


Answer by  cbdave (124)

One can never be sure if a claim will be accepted, but "comprehensive" car insurance is supposed to pay for most damage, even if not from a car accident.


Answer by  talisa (137)

Yes they will, as long as you show proof of some sort. In other words, take pictures of the damage and also of hoof prints, with car nearby.

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