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Question by  bex (116)

What are some unique kitchen decorating themes?

I like to be unique.


Answer by  srinee (94)

You can take an empty glass and fill different types of grains or nuts in layers. If you could use colorful grains, it will look more catchy. When you place some 3 bottles like this, it will add color to your kitchen.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

I don't know how big your kitchen is,but a 50s diner theme would be great.You could have rock and roll pioneer records and posters as well as vintage kitchen utensils.


Answer by  kmulder (9)

Coffee - different shades of browns, red black Herbs - greens, whites neutrals Italian Baker - brown, red black Wine - neutrals burgundy Spices - oranges browns


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

I've seen many different themes, such as apples, chickens, and simple country themes. One thing to remember is that colors that appear naturally in food, like green yellow or red, will make a person hungry. Maybe a forest theme or nautical theme would be unique enough for your tastes.

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