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Question by  Rebeccaz (23)

What are kitchen wall themes?

I have seen kitchen with themes and I think it's so cute. I want to redo my kitchen with a theme in mind.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

You can do chefs, grapes or wine. There are some really cute items out there to support these themes. You can get pictures, wall border, salt and pepper shakers and little knick knacks to support these themes. There are also really cute curtains available.


Answer by  hghghghg (12)

Kitchen wall themes are a way of decorating your walls by combining various decorations be it photos painting or hangings to create a specific "theme". This is a fun and easy way to bring some life to walls that may be less than interesting.


Answer by  emtrobstu (233)

Kitchen wall themes are most commonly some sort of fruit or vegetable arrangement. Many tile manufacturers make tiles with these designs on them.


Answer by  hannah24 (22)

a very nice wall theme for a kitchen are fruits. I like all kinds of apples, bananas, peas... if you like it more restrained you could use coffee beans aswell.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

There are so many kitchen themes, including country, vegetables, flowers, geometric designs, hearts, birds, roosters/hens, dutch people, children, books, quilting patterns, and many more.


Answer by  akila (12)

to prepare good foodfirst we needgood kitchen. kitchen wall themes also plays major role in good kitchen. i had a mind of making themes with colorful spoons,wall papers,cups

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