Question by  Meredith92 (158)

What are some unique ideas for birthday cards?

I want to do something different for my husband's 60th birthday.


Answer by  shimmerysummersun (140)

You could buy one of those huge cards or a musical card from the store. Or make your own birthday card. You could use postcards from trips you've taken together, make a collage of pictures and paste onto a blank card, or write a poem in a card for him.


Answer by  ncgirl (120)

An idea for a memorable birthday card would to make a card using pictures of the person. These can be glued on paper with handwritten birthday greetings below the pictures.


Answer by  pixiecat (250)

You can have a pop up card, and when he opens it there will be 60 stripes (6 per row) and on each stripe a miniature cropped photo of him at different ages, and for the years you two were married put a cropped photo pf both of you.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Some ideas for birthday cards would be a huge cake with their sister or any family member jumping out. Also a party for all their friends and let the family members come and ask each one to tell an embrassing story about the birthday person to every one. You could put each one of these also on a birthday card.

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