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Question by  searcykid (23)

What are some tips to make my GEO Storm faster?


Answer by  stANLEY83 (64)

Change the spark plugs, leads, air filter, distributor cap, change the exhaust, remove the unnecessary weight, put a racing stripes, lower the car, put some low profile tires, lower your car.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Do like any other car. Add a better intake, exhaust, change your plugs, use higer grade fuel, add compression, or increase displacement. The is always the forced induction or engine swap rout but that can get pricey. Speed is a based on how much you want to spend.


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

You can add a cold air intake under your hood. The cold air intake cools the warm air to allow for more expansion of the air during combustion.


Answer by  Anonymous

nos, make a hood scoop and spoiler for down force, add a turbo and a 6th gear and dont forget lambo doors


Answer by  VSauce (85)

Tune up the engine, put platinum plugs in it. Bypass the pulleys you don't need to make the car run, like the AC compressor. Each pulley you bypass gives the car an extra 5 horsepower. A full sized pickup only needs 17 horsepower to go down the street at 55 mph.


Answer by  canes3339 (10)

the best way to make it go faster is to take it in for a tune up chances are that the engine and trasmission are not working as well as they should be. A good tune up and fluid changes should give you back about 15 hp.


Answer by  carguy88 (25)

I would do a compleat tune up on the engin, Spark plugs,wires,ect. then I would change the oil, and the air filter. check your tires for corect air pressure.

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