Question by  Bananapants (27)

If my house suffered a roof leak during a storm, will insurance cover it?

I hope the storm that wrecked my roof is not an "act of God".


Answer by  Rubberchicken (819)

This is not a covered item under most homeowner's policies unless the leak was caused by a covered loss, such as a windstorm that caused a tree to fall on the roof.


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

Many companies have policies that differ in terms of leaking roofs. The best thing to do would be to call your insurance company and ask them without revealing your identity. Also, take into account your deductible. If it would cost $2,000 to fix your roof, and your deductible is $1000, its probably not worth filing a claim.


Answer by  salamander (408)

It would probably depend on why it leaked. I would call your insurance company, they will need to send out an inspector.


Answer by  ATOZXROD (19)

Your homeowners insurance may distinguish between the damage to your roof caused by a storm and damage caused by the water that leaked into your home as a result of the damage to your roof. Contact your insurance representative to discuss the coverage in your policy and to file a claim.


Answer by  John (9008)

It depends upon the specifics of your policy. However, this is the sort of damage that most policies cover, although you may have a deductible.


Answer by  coolness2000 (16)

In insurance, and "Act of God" is recognized as an unforeseen natural disaster, such as a flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc. An event which occurs, that is outside the reach and control of a reasonable human being.

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