Question by  Sanjeevan (62)

What are some tips for returning a used car?

I changed my mind but there is nothing wrong with the car.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

If you signed any papers then you cannot return it. The only way is if the car place has a return policy which is very rare.


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

Then as long as its still within a warranty period, and there is nothing wrong with the vehicle I'd take it back clean. What can they say? If they are willing to sell you a car but not to take it back it doesnt make much sense to me. Goodluck!


Answer by  N31J (148)

I'm not quite sure when you say "returning" so I'm assuming that your selling your car. The most important rule is to make the car look pristine inside and out.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

to get the best value for your car make sure you have it cleaned inside and out by a detailer, the cleaner it looks the better trade in monies you will get


Answer by  robb4timeyahoocom (22)

Im the U.S. their is a law the allows you to change your mind on any purchase over five hundred dollars or more.

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