Question by  Joe57 (25)

What is the return policy for Cricket phone?

I need to return a cricket phone.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

Cricket allows you to return within 30 days of the original shipping date. Also, the returned phone can only have up to 30 minutes of total use on it, and of course it should be in as good of shape as it was shipped.

posted by Anonymous
that is ridiculous what good is 30 days when most people can use 30 minutes in the first hour! And then on top of that they stick with the month of service you paid for eventhouh you can only really use 30 minutes of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bs  add a comment

Answer by  gigantes117 (92)

Cricket phones can be returned 30 days after the phone was shipped to you. The phone must be returned in an undamaged condition and have less than 30 minute talk-time.

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