Question by  Laura22 (12)

What are some things you can make with Knorr's soup?


Answer by  Anonymous

i add broken spaghetti noodles and some extra spices to the vegetable soup and finish by slowing pouring a beat egg in the last minute of cooking. Delicious egg drop soup! Add chile flakes and hot sauce for more flavor.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

Take a packet of Knorrs vegetable Soup mix. Mix it with a cup of sour cream and mayonnaise.Stir in a pack of frozen chopped spinach that has been thawed and squeezed the juice out of. Hollow out a round loaf of rye bread. The bread from the hollowed out portion will be used to dip in the spinach dip


Answer by  cafish (2035)

By adding different ingredients, you can make many kinds of dip. The one that I use is the spinach dip. You can use the mushroom soup as a sauce for meat or chicken and noodles.


Answer by  JennWDW (79)

I do several things with Knorr's Soup mixes, other than soup. I make dips, of course, and I make breads in my bread machine. I take the basic bread recipe, and add the vegetable soup mix or french onion soup mix, and viola!! Specialty breads to go with my soups!!


Answer by  SoniaA (23)

It can be used to create sauces and gravies for dishes. You can use it as a poaching medium, or you can even use it as a seasoning mix.


Answer by  MinnieBannister (44)

You can use packet soups as the base for casseroles and crockpot meals. They don't work well if you boil them, but slow cooking in the oven or crockpot works.

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