Question by  ans031281 (14)

What are some really good professions for women?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Women in the U.S. are free to pursue any profession they like. Fields related to science, medicine and engineering are wide open to women.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

There is not a thing like good professions for women and good professions for men. It always depends on the talent and education of each person, no matter if you are female or male. Generally women have better chances for a job in the nursing, teaching and child care field.


Answer by  Shi (48)

The professions that are good for women are generally the same as the professions that are good for men. If you are a female go for whatever profession you enjoy the most, even if it is predominantly male. The key is to love what you do!


Answer by  halfdome (67)

Some good professions for women are meter readers,food batchmakers, lifeguards, day care, school teachers, nurses, dry cleaning, laundry work, hospis, cashire's, clothing store, seamstris, there are many more women can do any job out there if they want too.

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