Question by  bazillion (87)

What are some past court opinions regarding child custody to a parent living with a felon?

My boyfriend has a felony drug conviction, but I'd like to get custody of my daughter. We live in Florida. Has anyone in my situation ever been successful?


Answer by  patti (29325)

It is likely that an argument will be made, not about the character of your boyfriend, but about your judgment. Statistics, if nothing else, would support an argument.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Your best option would be to attempt custody on your own, without including your current boyfriend on any of the legal documents. He should not at this point attempt to adopt her either. How recent is the conviction? If more than ten years, you can attempt to add him.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

If the felony is more than seven years old and he has no other crimes in his record, you can seek custody. However, if the felony is within the past several years or he has had subsequent arrests, the custodial parent can fight the custody - and even visitation - due to the risk to the child.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

This will depend on many factors including his entire criminal record, how long ago this has been, etc. If this is the only thing on his record and it's been awhile, it may not affect your custody case. However, this is determined on an individual basis.

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