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Question by  michelle (29)

What are some of the multi-player games for PS2?


Answer by  camarotim (315)

The PS2 offers many multi-player game but some of the best and most popular include Madden Football,Grand Theft Auto and KillZone.


Answer by  PS3XBOX360 (112)

The PS2 has a huge library of games. Nearly all of them have multi-player modes. Some of the best include Medal Of Honor. Rising Sun, European Assault, or Vanguard. They all are great! I would also recommend sports games, like Madden, or NBA live. They offer great mulit-player modes.


Answer by  Ashander (90)

Multi-player games for PS2 include the Madden Football, NHL Hockey and other sports titles from EA Sports. You can also try Red Faction, and other first person shooters.


Answer by  saffiremoon21 (9)

There are a variety of racing games, like Gran Turismo, for those who are interested in ultra-realistic racing sims, or the Need for Speed series, for those who like a more arcade-y feel. All of the Dance Dance Revolution games, as well as Karaoke Revolution, have a multiplayer function, and in fact are often more entertaining with more people.


Answer by  Yamizero (77)

Well alot of the multi-player games are fighting games like Tekkon or Dead or alive. There are also other Genre games like Robotech, Armored core, Naruto ultimate ninja(which is alot like smash bros.). also sports games are a good bet.


Answer by  AndyT (13)

Electronic Arts offers a variety of multi-player games which include the Madden football franchise, NBA Live. You can play multiplayer up till the next years version comes out and even then they allow you to play sometimes. Call of Duty is a rapidly rising war/strategy game great for multi-player action.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

Every console has multiplayer games, some more than others. It also depends on the gamer. The more popular multi-player games are Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. But if you enjoy racing games then those would be a good multiplayer game to play with someone else. Another wacky game for the Playstation 2 is called We Heart Katamari.


Answer by  dota (13)

Look some of the games that i played:Pro Evolution Soccer 6,MVP Baseball 2005,Tiger Woods PGA Tour,Winning Eleven:Pro Evolution Soccer 2007


Answer by  Rhino36 (8)

Depending on the type of gamer you are, there's Guitar Hero, Killzone, Madden, Need For Speed, and WWE. Like I said, it all depends on the type of gamer.

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