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What is the origin of the game Marco Polo?

I love that game - it is so good for all ages and I am curious where it came from.


Answer by  Anonymous

Um, the person above is completely incorrect. Marco Polo was born in Italy. Marco Polo was a single explorer who traveled to China, lived for 16 years, and returned to write a book about his experiences. Marco and Polo are not two different explorers. Der.

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the person above me is also incorrect. Marco Polo was not a single explorer, in fact he had aboout 300 ships that were much larger than Christopher Columbus's ships. he actually wrote a documentary during his travles in order to report his findings back home.  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

During journey Marco fell asleep on horse. Horse slowed eventually stopped, he fell far behind, his father and uncle traveled on unaware. When he awoke it was dark he had no clue where his father was, He called out "Polo" (father's title) and his father called back "Marco" Until reunited.


Answer by  Lina820 (48)

It came from the fact that many people thought that when Marco Polo didn't know where he was going when he traveled. So just like what people thought about Marco Polo not knowing where he was going the same think apples to the person with their eyes closed in the game.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

The game Marco Polo was created in Spain, becasue that were Marco Polo was born,the game was named after him because he was an explorer. It was invented by explorers Marco and Polo. It too good for the kids,teen agers and the youngsters. (except the childs & old mans)

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Explorers Marco and Polo. Marco Polo was one person.  add a comment
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