Question by  sejal (13)

What is the best internet site to go to in order to play free MMORPG games?

I am addicted to MMORPG games and am having a hard time finding access to free games.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Although it doesn't list only free MMORPG games, is a great place to check out. It has a list of all MMORPGs, including current and future releases, and shows which ones charge and which ones are free-to-play.


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

There is a site called Gpotato. It's an MMO portal. There aren't any true "free" MMORPGs there either subscription like the big hitters or pay per content. Some games like Runescape have fairly extensive free sections.


Answer by  psyanoid (163)

The website contains a huge list of MMORPGS available for free. The site also has descriptions and ratings for each of these.


Answer by  talhadetho (106)

Maple Story is my personal favourite when it comes to free MMORPG's.It is very addicting.Runescape is also very popular.I have played both and i think maple story is better.


Answer by  cocarabbit (107)

I like MMORPGS to myself, and with todays market im surprised you have a hard tine accessing them. Take for instance ARIA games, its a whole brand of free games at your disposal. If your into a long franchise related game try DDO (dungeons and dragons online, if your into simplistic free games try runescape.


Answer by  Bogdan (46)

This is the best website for MMORPG free games: . It has a lot of nice and funny games. Also I remind you that Lord of The Rings Online will be free from September.

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