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Question by  Trudy (24)

What are some great sociology research paper ideas?


Answer by  Barbie66 (138)

As a sociology major I have had to write many papers. My most recent paper was about self fulfilling prophecy in the classroom. It is the idea that teacher's expectations impact how children will do in school. If you pick this topic look up the author Robert Rosenthal who published a book about a study he did on this topic.


Answer by  mrgood (6)

A study of what the average self employeed man earns versus what the average self employeed woman earns would be great (like Dentists, Family Doctors, Restaurant Owners, etc.). How would these results compare to the average man's salary versus the average woman's salary? Are men really worth more?


Answer by  chemy (9)

Social Perception of Time, Ecofeminism, Sociocultural Foundations of Personal Relationships, Cyberfeminism, Virtual Politics and Identity, New Social Movements, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Affirmative Action


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Look at modern problems. One idea might be poverty - causes and effects. Another would be the family such as the impact of singel parent families of children's lives. Another popular topic is adoption of children of other races and the impact on the family and child.


Answer by  RN2be (138)

It would be interesting to see if two parents working make more net money than one parent staying at home with the child. It would also be interesting to see if latchkey children tend to let their kids stay home alone more than non latchkey children.


Answer by  emmy222 (35)

You could pick a social problem and talk about the different sociological perspectives on the problem. Examples of problems could be poverty, crime or discrimination.

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