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What were some of the failures and achievements of the Emperor Nero?

I am doing a research paper on the Emperor Nero and need some assistance on some of his greatest achievements and failures.


Answer by  nadine1252 (49)

Nero was Emperor from 54-68. He encouraged athletics and the arts, and helped expand trade in the region. He also passed worked to assist the average citizen, inluding lowering tax rates and getting rid of corrupt people that worked in the government. His failure was that his lust for power caused him to kill many people, including family members.

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i am too needing this information for a project thanks for the answers  add a comment

Answer by  Yohris (27)

Nero's biggest failure is that he made himself unpopular with the senate, he was actually well liked by the mass. After the burning of Rome Nero completely rebuild the city.


Answer by  Anonymous

nero what one of the worst emperors and decided to lower taxes. nero killed many people, including family members. when the fire of rome ended. nero rebuilt the whole city. nero was a bad ruler. he decided to end his life by killing himself. those are some facts about nero.

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