Question by  sherbetlemon (13)

What are some good ways for building self-esteem in children?

I've had issues with self-esteem and I want to make sure my kids don't!


Answer by  Quis (204)

I would say just always encourage them in what they do and support them and dont get down or too hard on them. Even if they make a mistake show them how to fix it and re- encourage them when they do.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Don't praise them just to praise them, like "Oh, that is such a great drawing!" when it is barely attempted. They will learn to discount what you say. Tell them you appreciate their hard work. Thank them profusely when they help you or are kind to others.


Answer by  yael (482)

It is important to give positive feedback when they have done something well or succeeded. It is also good to put them in situations where they will succeed and not fail.


Answer by  Teresacs (77)

Let them do things for themselves. Show them how failures can be turned into positive experiences by saying things like, "Well, now we know that this does not work!" Praise them often, but only if it is deserved. Kids can tell if you are not sincere.

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