Question by  nervelush (21)

What are some good ideas for simple woodworking projects?

I'd like to teach my grandson some basic skills.


Answer by  helper72 (282)

You can teach him how to sand and do jigsaw work by making shapes in a flat piece of wood. He can choose what kind of shape he wants--maybe some sort of animal, or a ship or train--and then cut it out, sand, and finish it. Cutting boards are also good starter projects.


Answer by  phil94 (202)

Some good ideas would be to make a birdhouse. Other great ideas would be to get a children's wood burning kit and burn cool images into a wooden key chain or nameplate.


Answer by  skwiglez (641)

I work at Lowes and they have some great kits that you can buy to teach them the basics of woodworking. My nephew and I built a catapult.


Answer by  baesechr (72)

Bird houses are good starting projects for kids. Without investing a lot of time and money, you can teach him sanding, glueing and nailing.


Answer by  nupsmommy (375)

You can build a birdhouse. Teach him how to make measurements and sketch out his design. Then you can assist him in using the equipment after he watches you do it first. Also remind him about safety.


Answer by  DDragicevic (172)

The web suggests bird houses. You can only use wood and glue for pleasant results. Watch the birds, they will like it.


Answer by  megan4888 (19)

Help him build a bookshelf that looks like a rocket. Build the main frame like a normal bookshelf and cut a triangle for the top and two for fins.

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