Question by  VictoriaWallace28 (63)

What are some good 4th grade science projects?

My 4th grader needs a science project very soon.


Answer by  Teenmom (298)

Get a bag of grass seed, which is fairly inexpensive and germinates quickly. Grow it in several different mediums, including plain dirt and dirt with different fertilizers.

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This is amazing! I got an A for my scince fair project, I'm in 8th grade!!! :)  add a comment
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i won first place on your science project  add a comment

Answer by  Janbo (31)

My son has type I diabetes. For an elementary school science project he prepared a presentation with some very interesting and easy to follow information about the disease. He included containers full of sugar containing the same amount that is in certain foods that kids like to eat; he also showed the number of syringes he used in one month.


Answer by  shorty (208)

In fourth grade I did my science project on electrical circuits. Some other ideas are volcanos, tasting (tongue diagram, which parts of your tongue taste salty vs. sweet), and the solar system.


Answer by  Anonymous

Rub bread on random things, door, desk, etc. Put in a plastic bag, seal and put in a shoe box then in a cabnet or under something, like a bed or desk. 2 to 4 days later check. Then in 2 more days check again, repeat for 2 weeks, Record.


Answer by  mjray (61)

A fourth grader could complete a project where he/she creates a model of the solar system and gives small facts about each planet in the solar system.


Answer by  MzVickie (186)

Filtration Experiments Water pollution; Can you remove impurities from water that you can test their presence? Air Pollution; Can you make a device that traps polutants from the air?


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

Try implementing some experiment like "How much salt or sugar can a plant tolerate?".This will be a fair project for a 4th grade student because it will test his in answering question,solving a problem or testing a hypothesis.You can also try another experiment about "Does magnetism travel through all materials?".


Answer by  sylorge (49)

Diorama and "Build a volcano" are the best 4thgrade science project. Build a Volcano is harder do than diorama but it is the best science project that son can do.


Answer by  leah22334455 (2)

you can a forth grade science project on the soler system.

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