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Question by  karin (24)

What are some good ideas for decorating kids rooms?

We are redoing our house and need some new ideas.


Answer by  AlexEaton (49)

For girls use: polka dots, flowers, hearts, stuffed animals, pink, purple, yellow, red, or orange. For boys use: race cars, animated figures, action figures, movie animations, blue, green orange, red, or black. Never use just brown or white with a kids room


Answer by  brooklyn (374)

Well the key here is fun. Think of a room that can be used and enjoyed. One great idea is to paint one wall with Chalkboard paint available at home stores. Also you can buy rolls of cork board and apply that to one wall or top section (above chair rail). Colorful paint and fun.


Answer by  dedre (998)

For organization and space, clear containers for toys and accessories are a given. These are easily found in most stores and online. Vibrant colors are great, however the pastel colors have been researched and found to be more relaxing for a bedroom.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Kids' rooms always look best (and the most fun) when they are done in bright colors. Try a sunny yellow, lime green, deep blue, or even violet paint on the walls. Use lots of pillows and fun accessories, like lava lamps.


Answer by  gaijin (32)

Muted, yet strong colors, usually accented with solid base colors in the furnishings. Well defined and simple furniture items in natural finish timber, or solid color timber, plastic and acrylic.


Answer by  DecoratorDelight (37)

An outdoor scheme is always fun. Use greens, khakis, browns and tans. If they are young, add the touches of black bears, moose, buffalo. Some kind of tent-like bed would be cool. These colors will allow the room to grow with your kids. A star-studded ceiling/sky is always exciting as well.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

Kids rooms should be light and colorful. You can decorate in a themed design such as their favorite cartoon or even their favorite color silly bands!


Answer by  jerbe (77)

For a kids room, find a fun, but not to bright color for the walls. You can do one accent wall in the room that has a mural, stripes or dots on it. Also you could put up wainscoting in white, it always looks nice and is easy to clean.


Answer by  Rickey (49)

A really awesome room idea would be having them put their hands in paint and putting their hand prints all over the walls.

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