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Question by  jb22 (18)

What is a really good source of ideas for decorating a kid's room?

My daughter is 5 and moving into her own room.


Answer by  bauhaus (7)

Let your daughter be creative about it. Let her choose her favourite colors and items. It is important to get her involved and being able to personalize her own room. Add interactive elements such as writing boards to encourage communication. Avoid dark colors. Choose furniture that allow for flexible groupings and arrangement. Do not put in tv or computer.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

Your child, of course! Ask what she wants. Use chalkboard paint to make her very own erasable drawing board on your wall and save yourself a huge mess! Chalk is cheap and wipes off. You can also take her to the store and let her choose her own fabrics!


Answer by  JBFLA (285)

If you are interested in decorating a kid's room you can watch decorating shows on TV for tips. Another fun idea is to search image hosting websites for pictures of children's bedrooms for inspiration. You can also use the child's interests or hobby as a theme for the room.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

To avoid an actual theme(Princesses/Dora), use three of her favorite colors that are suitable, paint the walls solid with one color, and sponge-paint the other two colors for borders( or stars, hearts, patterns, etc). This way you have many options for choosing color of decor(bed, paintings). As always block letters/alphabet letters, and a wood name sign are great for kids.

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